Unit Organization

In the past The Loyal Edmonton Regiment was made up of two or three battalions (see our history page). Today the regiment consists of a single battalion which consists of a headquarters, four companies and a band. All but C Company train and work locally in Edmonton.

A (Alpha) Company is the operational company. It is the senior combat fighting company in the regiment and the soldiers in its ranks have a wide range of training and experiences and many have conducted domestic and international operations.

B (Bravo) Company is the training company. It is the “Personnel Awaiting Training” company. It has a small, skilled cadre of infantry NCO’s (Leaders) ready to receive, advise and train the new recruits joining the regiment.

C (Charlie) Company is located in Yellowknife and is the first reserve sub-unit in the Northwest Territories and serves as an example of Canada’s commitment to maintain security and safe guard Canadian interests North of 60. The company does most of its training, operations and administration locally in Yellowknife.

Admin Company is our Command and Support Company. Its personnel and responsibilities vary from our Regimental HQ, Quarter Master, Band and more. This is a very important part of our unit that provides the senior unit leadership and support from day to day.

The Band is a brass and reed band and is one of the two Primary Army Reserve bands in 41 Canadian Brigade Group (see the Regimental Band page).

Higher Formations

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment is a part of 41 Canadian Brigade Group which includes all Reserve Army units in Alberta. The 41 Brigade belongs to the 3rd Canadian Division which includes all Regular and Reserve Force units in western Canada from the Pacific Ocean to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Major Equipment

As infantry soldiers we will learn to proficiently operate and maintain a wide range of weapons, including: 9mm Pistol; C-7 Rifle; light, medium and heavy machine guns; grenade launchers; mortars; and anti-armour weapons.

We also use a variety of vehicles during training or on operations including Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) and other light and medium support vehicles.

For further information about the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Army visit the following pages: