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As the name suggests, LERAC is there to advise the CO on unit non-operational matters such as regimental traditions, social functions and community involvement. It is also responsible for holding and managing any funds raised and held for the use of the Regimental Family. Primarily for that reason, LERAC was set up as a registered Society with the Province of Alberta and as a registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This was done in order to lock in an established set of objectives or guidelines which ensures that any funds held are used for the benefit of all elements of the Regimental Family both now and into the future.

LERAC consists of representatives from all elements of our Regimental Family. The unit is represented by the CO and the RSM and the senate, association and museum each have a representative. The Honourary Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel are also members giving the council a total of seven voting members. To provide additional input, the senate, association and museum are each permitted one additional non-voting representative. This structure ensures that all the various elements of the Regimental Family work together for the benefit of the family as a whole and that they have direct input into decisions that affect that family.

The function of the Regimental Senate is to be an advisory body to the Regimental Family and the Commanding Officer and to provide support for the long-term “Regimental” affairs of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment. This includes Regimental affairs that will affect the serving Battalion and Regimental Family during and beyond the term of the presiding Commanding Officer.

The Senate is comprised of all former Commanding Officers of the Regiment as well as the current Commanding Officer and Honourary Appointments. Former Commanding Officers who are currently members are:

  • LCol Wally Ross, Jun 1967 – Aug 1970
  • LCol Dennis Johnson, Dec 1974 – Apr 1976
  • LCol Lee Ahlstrom, Apr 1976 – Sep 1978
  • Col Don Miller, Sep 1978 – Feb 1982
  • Col Chuck Marshall, Feb 1982 – Feb 1986
  • LCol Dave Neilson, Feb 1986 – Mar 1989
  • LCol Glenn Jones, Mar 1989 – May 1993
  • LCol Bill Bewick, May 1993 – May 1996
  • LCol Grant McLean, May 1996 – Dec 1998
  • LCol Tom Reaume, Dec 1998 – Apr 2001
  • LCol George Rice, Apr 2001 – Jun 2003
  • MGen Paul Bury, Jun 2003 – Sep 2006
  • LCol Hans Brink, Sep 2006 – Apr 2008
  • LCol Mike Prendergast, Apr 2008 – Apr 2011
  • LCol Chris Chodan, Apr 2011 – Oct 2013
  • Maj Jonathan McCully, Oct 2013 – Apr 2014
  • LCol Kevin Weidlich, Apr 2014 – May 2017

In November of 1916 Colonel Griesbach, CO of the 49th Battalion, wrote from the battle field in France to suggest that a Forty-Ninth Regimental Association be formed for three purposes – to welcome home returning members of the unit, to advise them on such matters as pay and pensions and to assist them in re-establishment in civilian life. In February of 1917 a local group wrote back to say that a regimental association was being formed. Over the years the association has brought veterans of the Regiment together for annual dinners, church parades and Remembrance Day ceremonies. The association also took on the task of publishing the Fortyniner magazine.

Today the 49th Battalion, The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Association is dedicated to promoting good fellowship and Esprit-de-Corps within the Regimental family and maintaining interest and liaison with the Regiment. The association still holds an annual dinner, publishes the Fortyniner magazine and now also manages the Regimental Kit Shop. It also administers a charitable institution which, among other things, provides educational bursaries to members of the unit and the association, their families, as well as to the general public.

The Regimental Kit Shop is located in the unit lines at Jefferson Armoury in Edmonton and offers a range of products of interest to unit members, past and present. Items include regimental accoutrements (buckles, buttons, cap badges, etc.), clothing (T-shirts, vests, sweat suits, etc.), jewelry (broaches, lapel pins, cuff links, etc.) and more.

Go to the Association website for contact and membership information, upcoming events, and kit shop products, prices and ordering information.

Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Center
The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum is dedicated to preserving the military heritage of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and other central and northern Alberta military units. Since 1997, we have been located at the Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre, the building where the regiment was based from 1920 to 1965.

The museum is operated by The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum Foundation, a non-profit foundation. Day-to-day operations are carried out by a small part-time staff and a group of volunteers who work in classifying, cataloguing, and storing the artefacts, or in other tasks related to displays and records.

The museum web site contains information on our collection and the services that we provide. It also has a detailed history of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and of the Canadian military in general. For more detail and contact information, visit The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum.