Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve Light Infantry

Our Organization

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment

Cap Badge

“Fears No Foe”

Alpha Company

A-Coy is a Loyal Edmonton Regiment light infantry company. It is the senior combat fighting company in the Regiment located in Edmonton, Alberta.  The soldiers in its ranks have a wide range of experiences and many have conducted domestic and international operations.

Bravo Company

B-Coy is the Loyal Edmonton Regiment “Personnel Awaiting Training” company. It has a small, skilled cadre of infantry NCO’s (Leaders) ready to receive, advice and train the new recruits that want to enter the ranks of the Regiments light infantry companies. B-Coy is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Charlie Company

C-Coy is a Loyal Edmonton Regiment northern light infantry company. Arctic operations are their bread and butter as they are located in Yellowknife, NWT.  This combat fighting company is isolated and does it all from training, operations and administration.  One of our Regiments focus is growing the numbers in Charlie Company’s ranks. So, stop by and join up!

Administration Company

Admin Company is our Command and Support Company.  It’s personnel and responsible vary from our Regimental HQ, Quarter Master, Band and more.  This is a very important part of our unit that provides the senior unit leadership and support from day to day. Admin Company is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

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