Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve Light Infantry

Eddies on Exercise with 1 PPCLI – March 2015

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment answered the call for man power in March 2015 on Exercise Patricia Villain with 1 PPCLI. The soldiers worked very hard and it show by their awesome performance throughout the training. Great work men!

Eddies on live training Exercise

The team worked for A-Coy, 1 PPCLI and were commonly called “4 Section”.

LAV We worked with armored vehicles. This was very new for most on the team.

Lots of 25mm ammo

So much 25mm ammunition for the live fire section attacks.

4 Sec mounted up!

4 Section mounted up and ready to go!!!

Trench ClearingTrench clearing practice. So many skills to work on.

Corner DrillCorner drill – Frag out!

Company orders

ORDERS – The final live fire attack, the big show!

Corner Drill - live Corner drills with grenades on the live fire trench attack.

The Big Show

End EX!!!!

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