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Air Mobile and Platoon Ambush –...

Helo Insert

We ended the training year with an awesome live fire platoon ambush.  There was a wide range of light and heavy weapons to neutralize the enemy convoy.  Claymores and 84mm rockets initiated the ambush and then it was a free fire zone.  All priority targets were obliterated and then the assault force moved in and mopped […]

Eddies on Exercise with 1 PPCLI ̵...

Trench Clearing

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment answered the call for man power in March 2015 on Exercise Patricia Villain with 1 PPCLI. The soldiers worked very hard and it show by their awesome performance throughout the training. Great work men! The team worked for A-Coy, 1 PPCLI and were commonly called “4 Section”. We worked with armored vehicles. […]