Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve Light Infantry

Winter Training – Yellow Knife ...

Winter Training – Yellow Knife Style: January 2017

A Coy members and the Basic Winter Warfare Course jumped on a plane and made our way up to the North West Territories for winter training. C Coy met up with us and led the training. Skills were practiced. Shelters were made. Fires were lit. We practiced snow shoeing and skiing…. And even though this was […]

29 Palms – Marine Corps Air Gr...

29 Palms –  Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

A section of Eddies had the opportunity to attach into 3 PPCLI and fly down south for 10 days of intensive dry and live fire Urban Operations in 2016. This is one of the amazing built up dry training urban sites. We had Canadian helicopters deployed to insert and extract us off the objectives. Ground […]

High Volume Repetitive Dry Training

High Volume Repetitive Dry Training

To ensure the team succeeds one must practice and train regularly. Due to limitations such as range accessibility, reduced training budgets, scheduling conflicts and time constraints tactical achievement seems questionable. There has to be a viable solution to overcome the above problems. I have found one solution that has worked with many professionals and teams. […]

The Men’s Christmas Dinner 2015...

The Men’s Christmas Dinner 2015!!!

 Piping in the head table… Top Shot 2015… great job! Top Soldier 2015… is this a possible future LER leader? Top Junior NCO… well earned! Top Sargeant… I see more platoon administration in your future. The band played a lot of great sets…. thanks! The LER Patrol Competition Team… Congratulations on your success!!! CHEERS!!!! And finally a possible re-badged member […]

Our New Minister of National Defence ...

Our New Minister of National Defence – 2015

The Honourable Harjit Sajjan PC OMM MSM CD MP   Mr. Harjit Sajjan was a member of the Vancouver Police Department for 11 Years serving in South Vancouver as a Detective for the Gang Crime Unit. Mr. Sajjan joined the Canadian army reserve in 1989 as a trooper and was commissioned in 1991. He eventually rose to the rank […]

Air Mobile and Platoon Ambush –...

Helo Insert

We ended the training year with an awesome live fire platoon ambush.  There was a wide range of light and heavy weapons to neutralize the enemy convoy.  Claymores and 84mm rockets initiated the ambush and then it was a free fire zone.  All priority targets were obliterated and then the assault force moved in and mopped […]

Eddies on Exercise with 1 PPCLI ̵...

Trench Clearing

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment answered the call for man power in March 2015 on Exercise Patricia Villain with 1 PPCLI. The soldiers worked very hard and it show by their awesome performance throughout the training. Great work men! The team worked for A-Coy, 1 PPCLI and were commonly called “4 Section”. We worked with armored vehicles. […]

Hello Canada!

Hello Canada!

Yes, we are modernizing our web site. Be patient with us as we are soldiers first and foremost and building a web page is one hell of a battle!